La Reve "Washima Pudding Noto Watermelon"

The summer limited product "Wajima Pudding Noto Watermelon" was released on August 1st from the pudding specialty store "La Reve" in Ishikawa Prefecture. Handling at stores or online shops. The price is 475 yen (tax included).

This is a pudding made from "Noto watermelon" produced in the Noto region of Ishikawa prefecture. The refreshing sweetness of Noto squid is trapped in the pudding made from Noto eggs, milk, and fresh cream, and it has a beautiful light pink color. You can enjoy the smooth and smooth texture and the fresh taste of watermelon.

"Natural Noto salt" is included as a set, with the image of how to eat watermelon with salt. Adjust the amount you like.

Is it a watermelon that is carefully cultivated in Noto, which has a daily range? It is cultivated by hand-salt by a skilled farmer, and it is said that the watermelon is finished with the three beats of crispness, fruit juice, and sweetness. Before shipping, it is said that it will be shipped after confirming "sugar content of 11 degrees or more". I want to taste the pudding made from Noto watermelon!