Lawson "Pumpkin & Purple Potato Roll Cake"
Two-color cream is beautiful

Sweets for Halloween will be released on October 10th at each Lawson store (excluding some stores). The motifs are pumpkin, orange, and purple, all of which are typical of Halloween.

"Pumpkin & purple potato roll cake" is a roll cake with cream wrapped in a sponge dough blackened with bamboo charcoal. The cream with shrimp pumpkin paste and the cream with purple potato paste are marbled. The price is 210 yen (tax included, same below). Excluding the Okinawa area.

"Ishikawa Prefecture Ajihira Pumpkin Rich Pudding" is a pudding that uses Ishikawa Prefecture's "Ajihira Pumpkin", which has a chewy texture similar to chestnuts and baron potatoes. Jack-o-lantern is drawn on the surface of the pudding after Halloween. The price is 165 yen. Excluding Okinawa area and Natural Lawson.

Lawson "Ajihira pumpkin rich pudding from Ishikawa prefecture"

The popular sweet "Mochipuyo" with a chewy texture is also available for Halloween. "Mochipuyo (purple potato)", which is a purple dough with purple potato cream, is on sale. The price is 100 yen. Excluding the Okinawa area.

Lawson "Mochipuyo"
Purple is beautiful