Fujiya pastry shop "Mont Blanc of strawberry from Kumamoto prefecture" "Cheese tart of Kaga bar roasted tea from Ishikawa prefecture"

The "Japan Umaimon Fair" will be held from April 10th at the Fujiya pastry shop. A lineup of sweets made from Japanese ingredients.

・ Kumamoto Prefecture's strawberry Mont Blanc
Using the paste of Kumamoto Prefecture's brand strawberry "Yubeni", Mont Blanc is particular about its strawberry-like appearance. I squeezed custard cream on a sponge with strawberry sauce last night, and layered strawberry paste cream, milky cream, and strawberry sauce last night. The price is 390 yen (tax included, same below).

Fujiya pastry shop "Mont Blanc of strawberry from Kumamoto prefecture"

・ Kyoto Prefecture Uji Matcha Pudding
A pudding that uses Kyoto Prefecture Uji Matcha to enjoy a deep flavor. Squeeze cream using mascarpone into Uji matcha pudding, finish with Uji matcha glasage, and top with Tanba black beans. The price is 390 yen.

Fujiya pastry shop "Uji matcha pudding from Kyoto prefecture"

・ Kinako milky cream roll from Hokkaido
Kinako milky cream using Hokkaido kinako, red bean paste from Hokkaido, and brown sugar warabi mochi are wrapped with a white sponge and topped with black beans from Hokkaido. A novel collaboration between roll cake and warabi mochi, this dish is made with Japanese ingredients. The price is 390 yen.

Fujiya pastry shop "Hokkaido Kinako Milky Cream Roll"

・ Mille crêpes of Citrus unshiu from Ehime prefecture
A sweet and sour milk crepe using Citrus unshiu from Ehime prefecture. 15 layers of cream with Citrus unshiu paste and crepe dough are layered, and the upper surface is vividly finished with Citrus unshiu glasage. Accented with sandwiched Satsuma mandarin filling and crispy chocolate. The price is 390 yen.

Fujiya pastry shop "Mille crêpes of Satsuma mandarin from Ehime prefecture"

・ Cream anmitsu of brown sugar from Tarama Island, Okinawa
Anmitsu with black honey jelly using brown sugar from Tarama Island, Okinawa. Agar, shiratama, red peas, and black honey jelly are added and hardened, and the top surface is decorated with red bean paste, kiwi, fertilizer, tangerine and cherry pickled in syrup, and chanterie cream. The price is 420 yen.

Fujiya pastry shop "Brown sugar cream anmitsu from Tarama Island, Okinawa Prefecture"

・ Kaga Hojicha cheese tart from Ishikawa prefecture
A fragrant cheese tart using Kaga Hojicha from Ishikawa prefecture. Cheese cream is squeezed on the tart dough, mousse using Kaga stick roasted tea is put on it, and it is finished with chanterie cream and roasted green tea powder. The price is 390 yen.

Fujiya pastry shop "Kaga stick roasted tea cheese tart from Ishikawa prefecture"