Wasn't it likely? "Dorakan", which is made by sandwiching water yokan between dorayaki dough, was released by MONTEUR on August 1st (excluding Okinawa). The estimated price is 237 yen (tax included).

Dorayaki with a generous amount of bean paste is delicious, but the taste is too heavy to eat in the summer. Therefore, a product was devised in which the fresh "water yokan" that can be eaten refreshingly is sandwiched between the dough while enjoying the taste of red bean paste.


The dough is baked with mirin, and is sandwiched between a smooth milk cream with a sweet taste and a soft, smooth water yokan. Tailored to eat with a spoon so that you can enjoy everything together.

The thickness of the dorayaki dough is reduced so that it can be easily cut with a spoon, making it more moisturized. In addition, the water yokan is finished to a thickness of about 2 cm in pursuit of "luxury" and "cuteness" (there are individual differences). Milk cream is a blend of original whipped cream, homemade custard and fresh cream. When you stretch it, you will feel a gentle sweetness and a pleasant cool feeling in your mouth.