Monnaka Dorayaki Dorayama "Yaki-imo Dorayaki

Monnaka Dorayaki Dorayama, a dorayaki To go specialty store, is offering a special October "Yaki-imo Dorayaki" (baked sweet potato dorayaki).

Yaki-imo Dorayaki

Dorayama offers dorayaki with seasonal fruits and ingredients every month, and for October, they are offering a "Yaki-imo Dora" with a savory, thick, honey-scented baked sweet potato, which is in season right now, sandwiched in between the hand-baked dough. The salty white bean paste is spread thinly to accentuate the sweetness, creating a seasonal dorayaki that is not too sweet and can be eaten all the time.

The Ogura-an (sweet bean paste) from Tokachi, Hokkaido, is made from the highest quality Tokachi azuki beans, and has a salty flavor with a hint of grain texture, typical of Dorayama. The white bean-joi shiroan is made from Japanese white beans, including those produced in Japan, with the addition of white sugar to make it thicker and softer. Domestic hon mirin (Japanese sweet cooking rice wine) and rice oil to prevent oxidation are used. You can taste the soft sweetness and the mukkuri savory flavor of the rice. Take-chikko eggs, which are raised in the nature at the foot of Zao in Miyagi Prefecture and have a gentle flavor without tastiness, are used.