FamilyMart's "Plenty of Tapioca Milk Tea"

"Plenty of tapioca milk tea" is now on sale from FamilyMart. You can feel the evolution of convenience store tapioca, with two ○ and one ×.

FamilyMart's "Plenty of Tapioca Milk Tea"
FamilyMart "Plenty of tapioca milk tea" Panda is cute

At convenience stores, unique tapioca milk tea is sold in stores. But they are a little different from tapioca drink specialty stores for two reasons.

The first reason is food labeling. I understand that it is mandatory for processed foods in containers and packaging and exists to protect consumers, but it doesn't look good. Due to the food labeling, convenience store tapioca cups look a lot different from specialty store cups.

FamilyMart's "Plenty of Tapioca Milk Tea"
There are letters on the back of the cup!

In that respect, "Plenty of tapioca milk tea" has been devised by the display method. The display can be read clearly when viewed from a close distance, but it is not so noticeable from a distance. This effort is ○ for tapioca drinks, where the design of the cup greatly affects its popularity.

FamilyMart's "Plenty of Tapioca Milk Tea"

In addition, most convenience store drinks have an overcap. "Plenty of tapioca milk tea" eliminates the overcap and adopts a cute red sticker to enhance the taste of tapioca drink. This attention is also ○.

Evolution of convenience store tapioca
Use a red sticker, panda here too!

FamilyMart's "Plenty of Tapioca Milk Tea"
Doesn't the coffee feel stronger with the overcap?

In other words, I would like the cup to have a U bottom if possible. But this seems to be difficult to distribute.

FamilyMart's "Plenty of Tapioca Milk Tea"
This is an example of a U bottom cup

Unfortunately, tapioca is one of them. Like many other convenience stores, it has konjac flour specifications.

Tapioca is so tight that you can't chew it overnight. So it's a little difficult to sell real tapioca on the shelves of convenience stores ... I understand, but the texture of "plenty of tapioca milk tea" is still konjac. This is a shame! × 1.

Plenty of tapioca milk tea
Not enough chewy ...

However, convenience store tapioca has evolved significantly compared to before. "Plenty of tapioca milk tea" is reasonably priced at 278 yen, and it is also attractive that you do not have to wait in line. Why don't you hold it in one hand and enjoy the feeling of tapioca?