Aquarium limited product "Small aquarium pine candy"

Heso Production has released a new product "Small Aquarium Pine Ame" in collaboration with the long-selling candy "Pine Ame" from July 12th. The content is 36g (1.27oz) and the price is 250 yen per bag (excluding tax). Handled at aquariums nationwide (introduction time varies depending on the sales location).

The long-selling candy "Pine Ame", which has been on sale for more than 60 years, collaborated with "Aquarium Sea Friends". The limited edition package designed by popular sea lovers such as cute dolphins and penguins is a convenient zippered pouch. It is convenient not only for small souvenirs but also for carrying around.

In addition, the candy inside is the pine candy color "Aquarium Blue", which is limited to the aquarium and has the image of the sea. The rare pine candy, which looks exactly like the shape of a round bubble, is a limited edition item that can only be purchased at an aquarium.

A cute package, a little rare "small aquarium pine candy" limited to aquariums. Pine American fans should check it out!