For a limited time, "Horoyoi [Pear & Apple]" and "Horoyoi [Apricot Kernel & Mango]"
I want to drink both!

From Suntory Spirits' "Horoyoi" series, the first flavors "Horoyoi [Pear & Apple]" and "Horoyoi [Apricot Kernel & Mango]" will be released on September 10th. Limited time offer. It comes in 350ml (11.83us fl oz) and the estimated price is 141 yen each (excluding tax). Alcohol content is 3%.

[Pear & Apple] is a well-balanced cup that you can enjoy the gorgeous sweetness of pear and the gentle acidity of apples. The package is a design that expresses the deliciousness of the contents by drawing fruits and glasses on the background that imaged pears and apples.

[Apricot Kernel & Mango] is a cup where you can enjoy the unique scent of apricot kernel and the elegant sweetness of mango with the gentle taste unique to "Horoyoi". The package is organized in shades based on white and orange.

"Horoyoi"'s first flavors [Pear & Apple] and [Apricot Kernel & Mango] will be on sale for a limited time. It seems fun to compare the two flavors. "Horoyoi" fans should check it out early!