McDonald's "One Summer McFizz"

At each McDonald's store, "Hitotsuka no McFizz" will be available from July 10th. The lineup includes three types of carbonated drinks, "McFizz Blue Hawaii," "McFizz Blood Orange (1% fruit juice)," and "McFizz Lemon Ginger (1% fruit juice)."

McDonald's "One Summer McFizz"

McFizz is a cold drink with colorful colors, fun to stir, and popping carbonated bubbles. Blue Hawaii is a standard flavor that uses apple juice (1%) and is popular for its refreshing acidity.

The new blood orange is a carbonated drink that combines the rich sweetness and refreshing aroma of blood orange with the refreshing acidity of grapefruit. 1% of blood orange juice and grapefruit juice are used in total. The bright orange gradation is like a sunset sky.

The new Lemon Ginger is a carbonated drink that combines Sicilian lemon juice (1%) with a crisp and stimulating taste of ginger. You can enjoy a refreshing taste.

Both are offered in cups with a special design with the theme of "sweet and sour first love". You can also top it with soft serve ice cream to make a "mac float".

McDonald's "McFloat"
Mac float

The price is 250 yen for McFizz and 310 yen for McFloat, both including tax. Limited time until late August.