"Putchin Putin Affogato" in Bamiyan

Bamiyan stores (excluding Bamiyanken) sell a limited-time sweets menu "Putchinpurin Affogato". The sale period is until July 31st. The price is 499 yen (excluding tax) with a drink buffet.

This is a dessert in collaboration with Ezaki Glico's "Putchin Pudding", restaurant chain "Bamiyan", and recipe video media "DELISH KITCHEN".

An arrangement menu that makes the most of the unique "mochimochi x crispy" texture woven by "frozen putchin pudding". Not only is the texture of each of the ingredients layered in four layers different, but the variety of flavors is enriched by sprinkling hot coffee, and it seems that you can enjoy the taste that changes depending on the combination. The tapioca used is black tea flavored.

Taking advantage of the iconic petal-like design of Putchin Pudding, "Putchin Pudding Affogato" has a gorgeous appearance. For a limited time, check it out early if you are interested!