The first "plant-born pudding pudding" in the history of pudding pudding

Ezaki Glico will release a new product under the "Putchin Pudding" brand, "Plant-born Putchin Pudding," on March 16th.

The first Putchin pudding brand to use only plant materials without using "animal raw materials". It has a rich taste with soy milk and almond paste, and a gentle sweetness with millet sugar.

After repeated research so that the texture and deliciousness can be fully satisfied, the "Pururun" texture of the Putchinpurin original series, which has been popular for many years, has been maintained, and the surprisingly delicious taste has been achieved. Since it does not use eggs, milk, or animal ingredients as raw materials, it is recommended not only for allergies but also for many people (*).

The "Plant-born Putchin Pudding Family Pack" contains 3 pieces of 65g (2.29oz) and the price is 200 yen, and the "Plant-born Big Putchin Pudding" contains 155g (5.47oz) and the price is 140 yen.

* Not allergy-free. Contains soybeans and almonds as allergens