Putchin pudding satsu butter-grilled apple flavor sauce-

Ezaki Glico will release a new product of Putchin Pudding "Putchin Pudding Osatsu Butter-Rombosse Flavor Sauce-" at a convenience store on September 29th. Family packs will also be on sale nationwide from October 12th.

This product is an autumn-like puchin pudding that combines sweet potato pudding with a roasted apple-flavored sauce. Domestic red Azuma sweet potatoes are used for the pudding. Finished with the addition of domestic butter that enhances the flavor. Caramel powder and roasted sugar are added to the sauce to express the sweetness and aroma of roasted apples while taking advantage of the freshness of apples.

The estimated price is 140 yen for individual meal type and 200 yen for family pack, both excluding tax.

Pudding pudding satsu butter-baked apple flavor sauce-
Family pack

The official website of Putchin Pudding has a recipe for "a big pudding made from clay pots". A recipe that allows you to put a few puttin puddings in a clay pot for one person, heat them in a microwave oven, and then cool and harden them to make a large puttin pudding. You can enjoy "big pudding like a dream" with your family and friends by topping with fruits and whipped cream.

Pudding pudding satsu butter-baked apple flavor sauce-