Cafe Comsa "Orihime-Peach, Fig and Sato Nishiki Cake- [Base: Cream Cheese]"
Tanabata limited cake

Two kinds of Tanabata limited cakes are on sale at each "Cafe Comsa" store, which offers cakes full of artistic sense that you can feel the four seasons of Japan using delicious seasonal fruits carefully selected from the farm. The sale period is until July 7.

・ Orihime ~ Peach, fig and Sato Nishiki cake ~ [Base: Cream cheese]
A cake with the image of a cute Orihime, which combines peaches with a gentle sweetness and plenty of fruit juice, figs with a petit texture, and sweet and sour cherries "Sato Nishiki" from Yamagata prefecture with a cream sand cheese base. You can enjoy the sweetness of three kinds of fruits and the harmony of honey lemon jelly that looks like the Milky Way.

Orihime ~ Peach, fig and Sato Nishiki cake ~ [Base: Cream cheese]

・ Hikoboshi-Maskmelon and mango cake from Shizuoka prefecture- [Base: Fromage Blanc]
A cake with a mellow scent, plenty of fruit juice from Shizuoka prefecture, and a rich sweet and melty mango on the base of Fromage Blanc. The star-shaped mango mousse and honey lemon jelly express the Milky Way shining in the night sky.

Cafe Comsa "Hikoboshi-Maskmelon and Mango Cake from Shizuoka Prefecture- [Base: Fromage Blanc]"

The price is 1,100 yen per piece at the Commeca Stage Ginza store (tax included, same below), and 1,026 yen per piece at the other Cafe Commeca stores.