PRONTO "Tapioca Watermelon & Strawberry"
Let's fill the tap with PRONTO!

At the cafe time of "Cafe & Bar PRONTO", new summer menus "Tapioca Suika & Strawberry" and "Tapioca Mango Milk" will be released on June 26th.

Tapioca Watermelon & Strawberry is a refreshing tapioca drink made by adding strawberry sauce and strawberry pulp to 100% watermelon juice, which is a popular summer product of Pront. It is M size and the price is 550 yen (tax included, same below).

PRONTO "Tapioca Watermelon & Strawberry"

Tapioca Mango Milk is a tropical tapioca drink that combines rich mango juice and milk. The price is 500 yen for M size.

PRONTO "Tapioca Mango Milk"

In addition, the new style sweet "Cafe Rate", which was sold only at directly managed stores, will be released at the same time at all PRONTO stores. It comes in 8 pieces and the price is 200 yen.

PRONTO "Cafe Rate"

Sweets made by freezing and crushing (*) roasted coffee beans and carefully kneading them into dough such as sugar and cocoa butter. It seems that one bag can take about 3/4 cups (48 mg) of caffeine.

* A manufacturing method that suppresses the scattering of aroma by crushing beans at an ultra-low temperature and contains the delicate aroma of coffee.