Starbucks "Royal Milk Tea Frappuccino"

"Royal Milk Tea Frappuccino" will be on sale from May 4th at each Starbucks store. "#Strawberry Berry Match Frappuccino" will be available at stores sold out (excluding some stores).

This is a Frappuccino that combines milk with milk tea powder and white mocha syrup. The finish is topped with whipped cream, shortbread and honey. The price is 590 yen (excluding tax) for tall size.

A gorgeous scent that drifts softly. You can feel the astringency peculiar to tea leaves in the deep richness and umami. Milky whipped cream boosts the royal milk tea quality. You can enjoy it refreshingly while having a feeling of luxury.

Starbucks "Royal Milk Tea Frappuccino"

What impressed me was the topping shortbread. Each one has a strong presence even if it is small, and the crispy texture adds an exquisite accent. Deliciousness with a slightly salty fragrance. Honey that is entwined with mellowness also does a good job.

Starbucks "Royal Milk Tea Frappuccino"
If you like, you can increase the amount of honey

Frappuccino is perfect for early summer when the temperature rises. It will be on sale at Starbucks nationwide after May 15th. Limited time until July 18th, it will end as soon as it runs out.