Seven special sweets of "Heisei & Reiwa"
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At each Seven-Eleven store, three luxurious sweets will be on sale for a limited time from April 25th to May 6th as a "Heisei & Reiwa special sweets special feature" (excluding some stores). * Product standards, prices, and release dates may differ depending on the region.

"Special pudding a la mode" is a pudding a la mode with two puddings made from carefully selected eggs. Yellow peach, cherry, strawberry sauce and whipped cream are served on top of caramel jelly and bavarois. The price is 888 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below).

Seven-Eleven "Special Pudding a la Mode"

"Special reward chocolate parfait" is a parfait where you can enjoy chocolate roll cake, gateau chocolate, and raw chocolate at the same time. It is finished in "chocolate mousse" together with chocolate mousse and chocolate whipped cream. The price is 888 yen.

Seven-Eleven "Special Reward Chocolate Parfait"

"Morimori Kurimudora" is a dorayaki made by sandwiching Maron mousse and milk mousse with dough. Two chestnuts are served. The price is 555 yen.

Seven-Eleven "Heaping chestnut cream stew"