Starbucks "Espresso Affogato Frappuccino"
Adult frappe again

"Espresso Affogato Frappuccino" will be released on April 25th at each Starbucks store (excluding some stores). The price starts from 510 yen for short size (excluding tax).

The bittersweet and sweet "Adult Frappuccino" is back again after it was well received last year (2018). This product was inspired by "affogato," one of the ways to enjoy espresso, with the desire to "know more about the deliciousness of espresso."

To take advantage of the powerful bitterness and aroma of espresso, we used wristlet shots (coffee beans extracted with the same amount of water as usual and 3/4 of the amount of hot water). Brown sugar is added in the same way as the standard Italian way of drinking espresso.

For the base part, a cream with a firm milky flavor like freshly squeezed and a refreshing aftertaste is used. It seems to bring out the rich flavor of espresso.