McDonald's "Chicken McNugget 30 Pieces (with 6 Sauces)"

At each McDonald's store, a special campaign will be held where "Chicken McNugget 30 pieces (with 6 sauces)" will be sold for 6 days from December 20 to 25 at a special price of 750 yen (tax included, same below) with 35% off Will be done.

"Chicken Mac Nugget 30 Pieces (with 6 Sauces)" 35% Off

From November 24th to January 4th, 2022, McDonald's will sell the popular side menu "Chicken McNugget 15 Pieces (with 3 sauces)" for 390 yen (regular price 580 yen), which is 30% off . The campaign to be carried out is underway. This time, the "Chicken Mac Nugget 30 Pieces (with 6 sauces)" will be 35% off for 750 yen (regular price 1,160 yen) from December 20th to December 25th so that families can enjoy it during Christmas time. ) Will be provided.

I like the sauce from a total of 4 types, "Lobster & Tomato Cream Sauce" and "Kokumi Steak Sauce", which are offered for a limited time from November 24, and 2 standard sauces "Barbecue Sauce" and "Mustard Sauce". You can choose 6 pieces by combining various things.

Lobster & tomato cream sauce

McDonald's "Lobster & Tomato Cream Sauce"

Creamy taste based on tomato. The lobster flavor that spreads in your mouth and the deep garlic flavor make it a perfect sauce for winter.

Rich steak sauce

McDonald's "Kokumi Steak Sauce"

A Japanese-style steak sauce based on soy sauce, which is characterized by the rich flavor of black pepper, garlic, and red wine. Truffles are used as a secret ingredient.