McDonald's "Chicken McNugget 15 Pieces (with 3 Sauces)"
30% discount on 15 pieces of chicken mac nugget (with 3 sauces)

A 30% O-off campaign will be held for McDonald's popular side menu "Chicken McNugget 15 Pieces (with 3 sauces)". Limited time offer from April 22nd to May 12th. At the same time, new flavor sauces such as corn potage will be released.

During the campaign period, you can purchase at a special price of 390 yen instead of the regular price of 580 yen (tax included, the same applies below). Furthermore, during the same period, in addition to the standard barbecue and mustard flavors, the new "Cheddar cheese flavored sauce" and "Corn potage flavored sauce" will be added to the sauce that comes with it, and you can choose from a total of 4 types.

The cheddar cheese flavored sauce is characterized by its mellow umami flavored with cheddar cheese and its rich flavor. It has a lingering flavor with little habit and is suitable for cheese lovers.

McDonald's "Chicken McNugget 15 Pieces (with 3 Sauces)"
Cheddar cheese flavored sauce

The corn potage flavor sauce uses the flavor of corn potage soup, which is also popular with children, and is characterized by its gentle sweetness and umami. It has a creamy taste.

McDonald's "Chicken McNugget 15 Pieces (with 3 Sauces)"
Corn potage flavor sauce

In addition, during the campaign period, if you purchase 15 pieces of Chicken Mac Nugget, you will receive a limited number of all 3 types of special design boxes. Chicken Mac Nugget A room with 15 different characters with a 15-piece motif. The types of special design boxes you can get will vary depending on the time of year and the store. Also, some stores are not eligible.

McDonald's "Chicken McNugget 15 Pieces (with 3 Sauces)"
Special design box

In addition, a sweepstakes will be held on Twitter from April 17th to 19th. If you reply to a tweet posted by McDonald's official account with the hashtag "#Chicken McNugget Championship" with the same hashtag, a total of 150 people will win 500 yen worth of "original Mac card" by lottery. ..

McDonald's "Chicken McNugget 15 Pieces (with 3 Sauces)"
Original Mac card

Twenty of them will win an "original Mac card" with the signature of the comedian "Milk Boy".