McDonald's "Chicken McNugget 15 Piece" is 30% OFF at a special price of 390 yen

At each McDonald's store, "Chicken McNugget 15 Pieces" will be sold at a special price of 390 yen (tax included, same below) with 30% off (excluding some stores). Limited time offer from July 17th to September 3rd.

The "Chicken Mac Nugget 15 Piece", which has a regular price of 570 yen, is sold at a special price of 390 yen to match the summer vacation period when you have more opportunities to spend time with family and friends. A generously sized and affordable chicken mac nugget creates a delicious and enjoyable summer time.

In addition, two types of sauces that are perfect for summer will be revived for a limited time from the limited sauces sold in the past. "Fruit Curry Sauce" is a curry sauce characterized by the fruity sweetness of fruits. A rich curry spice combined with tomato, ginger and garlic as hidden flavors, which can be enjoyed by children and adults alike.

McDonald's "Chicken McNugget" Fruit Curry Sauce

"Sour cream onion sauce" is a mild sauce that combines delicious sour cream and onion with parsley. It is refreshingly finished by adding lemon juice. A deep taste that uses pepper, garlic, etc. that go well with chicken as a secret ingredient.

"Sour cream onion sauce" from McDonald's "Chicken McNugget"