Kanazawa's confectioner Takagiya "Paper Fusen"

Takagiya Main Store Paper Fusen

A slightly unusual Japanese sweet is sold at the Japanese sweets shop "Kasho Takagiya" in Kanazawa. Its name is "Kami Fusen".

When you open the box with a gorgeous design, you will see five-colored origami paper instead of sweets. It comes with a piece of paper that describes how to fold it, so you can enjoy folding paper balloons yourself before eating. It feels like I'm back in my childhood, and I'm kind of excited.

Kanazawa's confectionery Takagiya "Paper Fusen"
Origami for the first time in a long time

The sweet "Kami Fusen" is in the middle of a round. The pale shades of white, pink, and green and the colony shape are so cute.

Kanazawa's confectionery Takagiya "Paper Fusen"
The feeling of making the hail bigger

I'm in the middle of it, so I was surprised when I thought it was red bean paste and ate it. A small square "Japanese-style jelly (Kingyoku)" appears from the inside. The jelly is crispy on the outside and smooth on the inside. Combined with the crisp and light monaka, it creates a unique texture. Japanese sweets that I have never eaten.

Kanazawa's confectioner Takagiya "Paper Fusen"
This texture is likely to be addictive

The taste is different depending on the color in the middle, yellow lemon-flavored jelly in the middle of white, grape-flavored jelly in the middle of pink, and white wine-flavored jelly in the middle of green. The aroma of the monaka and the refreshing flavor of the jelly match.

Kanazawa's confectioner Takagiya "Paper Fusen"-AAABBBBDDSAFDASFSAAA-

Kanazawa's confectioner Takagiya "Paper Fusen"

This time, I bought it at the antenna shop "Ishikawa Hyakumangoku Monogatari Edo Main Store" in Ishikawa Prefecture. The price was 648 yen (tax included) for 9 pieces.