Nissin Foods "Cup Noodle Miso"
Japanese people like miso!

"Cup Noodle Miso" will be temporarily suspended. It was announced on the official website of NISSIN FOODS.

According to the company, the cause is that the "Cup Noodle" brand as a whole cannot supply sufficient products due to sales conditions that far exceed expectations. Everyone loves miso.

Although the prospect of selling time does not seem to stand still, as soon as possible to ensure a sufficient supply system, that the aim as soon as possible sales resume.

In addition, curry and seafood will no longer be available for the "Cup Noodle New Era Commemorative Package," which was scheduled to be released on May 1. Only regular (red package) will be sold. This is a shame ...

Nissin Foods "Cup Noodle New Era Commemorative Package"
Curry (left) and seafood (right) will be discontinued. Only regular (center) will be on sale.

However, since the trouble If you wait too long and no longer buy up to usual cup noodles, we just hope to stand the prospect of even faster stable supply one day.