Toyo Suisan "Maruchan Seimen Cup Flame Uma Spicy Dandan Noodles"

Toyo Suisan will release a cup of instant noodles "Maruchan Seimen Cup Flame Uma Spicy Dandan Noodles" on January 18th. The estimated price is 225 yen (excluding tax).

"Maruchan Seimen" is a dried noodle with the original natural texture of raw noodles, based on the concept of "instant noodles that are outstandingly delicious now and will continue to be loved 10 to 20 years later without aging." Instant noodles that you can enjoy the taste.

The "Maruchan Seimen Cup Flame Spicy Dandan Noodles" to be released this time is the most spicy soup in the history of the "Maruchan Seimen Cup", where the spiciness of chili peppers and Chinese pepper stands out.

The spicy soup, which is not only spicy but also has a strong umami flavor, goes well with the smooth-tasting noodles like raw noodles. A rich and rich sesame miso soup with white miso and kneaded sesame added based on the umami of pork. Compared to the regular "Maruchan Seimen Cup Uma Spicy Dandan Noodles", the amount of Chinese pepper is doubled and the amount of chili pepper as a spice is tripled to make it spicy.

The word "flame" is used to describe the spiciness, and the illustration of flame is used in the package design.