KALDI Easter Products
Introducing colorful Easter items!

Products for Easter are appearing one after another at each KALDI Coffee Farm store. The colorful appearance of sweets with the motif of "rabbit" and "egg" is exciting.

Click here for an example of recommended products.

● Rigeline Eggtin Chocolate

KALDI Easter Products

Egg-shaped chocolates and rabbit chocolates in the shape of an Easter motif are packed in a colorful egg-shaped can. There are four colors of egg cans. It can also be used as an accessory case or interior.

● Rigeline Lady Bird Box

KALDI Easter Products

"Ladybugs" means "ladybugs" in English. It is a symbol of happiness and prosperity. Milk chocolate wrapped in the appearance of such a ladybugs. Also for tea time.

● Original Easter colorful chocolate

KALDI Easter Products

Five colors of colorful chocolate. It comes in a triangular pack in a small bag, so it is recommended for spreading at work or school, or for Easter egg hunts.

● Original Easter Marshmallow Set

KALDI Easter Products

A marshmallow set that you can enjoy in a hot drink such as coffee or cocoa. Contains 3 yellow chicks, white rabbits, and pink chicks. It is individually wrapped.

Why don't you buy them for Easter 2019 (April 21st)?