Ministop "Okoncha Mont Blanc" "Okoncha and Hojicha Japanese Parfait" "Okoncha Cream Puffs"
For a limited time

At each Ministop store, three "Koicha sweets" supervised by the long-established tea maker "Marushichi Seicha" will be released on February 12th.

"Okoncha cream puff" is a cream puff filled with flavorful matcha custard and smooth matcha whipped cream. The price is 129 yen (tax included, same below).

Ministop "Dark Tea Cream Puffs"
Plenty of cream

"Okoncha Mont Blanc" is a Mont Blanc made by placing strawberry whipped cream and matcha custard on top of a matcha cake and squeezing the matcha cream. Rich matcha and sweet and sour strawberries are a perfect balance. The price is 321 yen.

Ministop "Ocha Mont Blanc"
Uses Shizuoka Matcha

"Japanese parfait of dark tea and hojicha" is a parfait using Shizuoka matcha and Shizuoka hojicha. Matcha mousse and roasted green tea whipped cream are squeezed on zenzai made from Hokkaido azuki beans, and topped with warabi mochi, shiratama, and kanoko beans. The price is 297 yen.

Ministop "Japanese Parfait of Dark Tea and Hojicha"

At the same time, sweet bread using Uji matcha and Nishio matcha will be released one after another. On February 12, "Matcha bread with a chewy texture (using cream with Uji matcha)" (118 yen) and "Steamed matcha bread with chewy texture (using Uji matcha)" (108 yen) will be on sale.

Ministop "Matcha bread with a chewy texture (using cream with Uji matcha)"
Matcha bread

On February 19th, "Matcha rolls (using cream with Uji matcha)" and "Nishio matcha pancakes with 2 pieces (red bean paste & margarine)" (129 yen each) will be released.

Ministop "Matcha rolls (using cream with Uji matcha)"
Matcha bread rolls