Yonekyu "Big shoulder loin ham"
Just meat on bread

When you eat ham on toast, the edge of the bread is not enough with one piece, and it feels like it is a little wasteful because it sticks out of the bread with two pieces. This problem seems to be solved.

Yonekyu will release a large-sized loaf ham "Large shoulder loin ham" that is perfect for bread on February 19th. It weighs 120g (4.23oz) (standard 6 pieces) and the estimated price is 300 yen (excluding tax).

Using shoulder loin with a good balance of lean and fat, it is moisturized. You can eat it as it is or by baking it. The diameter is about 1.2 times that of loin ham (compared to the company), and you can enjoy delicious toast and sandwiches to the end.