Lotte "Toppo [fragrant caramel latte]"
Caramel latte flavor is here!

Lotte will release "Toppo [Scented Caramel Latte]" on February 12th and "Petit Choco Pie [Dark Kyoto Matcha]" on February 26th.

Toppo [scented caramel latte] is a toppo expression of "caramel latte". Caramel latte-flavored chocolate with almond accents on coffee, milk and caramel in a fragrant crispy pretzel. The estimated price is around 150 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below).

Lotte "Toppo [scented caramel latte]"

Petit Choco Pie [Dark Kyoto Matcha] is a moist cake kneaded with chocolate, sandwiched with strong Uji matcha cream from Kyoto prefecture, and coated with chocolate. The estimated price is around 220 yen.

Lotte "Petit Choco Pie [Dark Kyoto Matcha]"