KALDI "Cat Day Bag"
(All images are quoted from the official website)

KALDI Coffee Farm will release "Cat Day Bag" on February 22nd, which is associated with "Cat Day" on February 22nd. Two types of bags will be released this year. Limited quantity.

There are two types of bags, the "Cat Day Bag Premium", which is an A4 size cotton bag with carefully embroidered cats, and the "Cat Day Bag", which is made of sweat material and is perfect for a little shopping. Two cats set the trademark French tea brand "Janat" tea, bag-limited sweets and original miscellaneous goods in an original tote bag.

■ Cat Day Bag 1,500 yen (tax included, same below)
・ Cat Day Bag ・ Janat Mercy (boxed)
・ Janat Calendar ・ Original Stainless Tea Tray ・ Original Paw Chocolate ・ Original Mini Croissant

KALDI "Cat Day Bag"

■ Cat Day Bag Premium 2,500 yen・ Cat Day Bag Premium ・ Janat Mercy (canned)
・ Janat calendar
・ Original stainless steel tumbler ・ Original cat-shaped chocolate ・ Original orange cake

KALDI "Cat Day Bag Premium"

* Up to 2 items for "Cat Day Bag" and 1 item for "Cat Day Bag Premium" can be sold at physical stores.