Ginza Cozy Corner "Rich Brownie Chocolat"
Rich brownie chocolate (all image sources are official website)

At each Ginza Cozy Corner store, a seasonal fair, "Special Chocolat Marche," is being held. A must-see for chocolate lovers, the lineup includes sweet and bittersweet cakes.

In addition to "Fore Noir", "Adult Strawberry Chocolate Short" and "Strawberry and Chocolat Cake (No. 3.5)" released for Valentine's Day, cakes using luxurious chocolate are lined up.

"Gato chocolate" with chocolate sponge and cocoa sponge, chocolate brownie with moist baked chocolate brownie, cream and salt caramel sauce, "rich brownie chocolate" with candy-covered almonds, chocolate sponge "Thick chocolate milk rape" with cocoa crepe, chocolate ganash, and chocolate cream layered, "Ginza brick raw chocolate cake" with a delicate mouthfeel inspired by the popular raw chocolate "Ginza brick".

Ginza Cozy Corner "Gateau Chocolate"
Gateau chocolat

Ginza Cozy Corner "Rich Chocolate Mille Crepes"
Rich chocolate mille crêpes

Ginza Cozy Corner "Ginza Brick Raw Chocolate Cake"
Ginza brick raw chocolate cake

Why don't you find your favorite dish from among the many "chocolate"? (Product handling status may differ depending on the store)