Ginza Cosy Corner "Eclair (Afternoon Tea Straight Tea)

Ginza Kozy Corner "Eclair (Afternoon Tea Straight Tea

)" A new product "Eclair (Afternoon Tea Straight Tea)" in collaboration with "Kirin Afternoon Tea Straight Tea" will be available at Ginza Kozy Corner fresh cake stores from June 23 until around the end of August. The price is 172 yen (tax included). Pre-sale at some mass merchandisers will begin on June 16.

Eclair (Afternoon Tea


Tea) "Eclair (Afternoon Tea Straight Tea)" is a joint product developed by "Kirin Afternoon Tea Straight Tea" and Ginza Cozy Corner "Eclair". The collaboration product has been on sale every year since 2019, and this year's eclair is the fifth in the series. The softly baked, melt-in-your-mouth puff pastry is filled with a black tea custard that brings out the gorgeous aroma and pleasant astringency of black tea leaves, and coated with a generous amount of black tea-flavored chocolate.

Ginza Cosy Corner "Eclair (Afternoon Tea Straight Tea)

The smooth black tea custard cream, the smooth puff pastry, and the chocolate coating are a trinity of flavors. From the first bite to the last, you can enjoy the rich and gorgeous aroma of black tea that spreads in your mouth. The gorgeous aroma of Kirin Afternoon Tea Straight Tea and the black tea custard in the eclair (Afternoon Tea Straight Tea) go well together, and we recommend enjoying them as a set during your summer tea time.