Yayoiken "Sukiyaki set meal"
I want to eat hot pot alone!

At each Yayoiken store, the winter classic "pot for one person" is now available. Four items, "Sukiyaki set meal", "Special sukiyaki set meal", "Jjigae set meal" and "Ginger hot pot set meal" will be on sale from November 1st.

The sukiyaki set meal is a dish of beef, Chinese cabbage, green onions, tofu, shirataki noodles, and udon that are simmered in a generous amount of sauce and entwined with raw eggs. The price is 890 yen (tax included, same below). The special sukiyaki set meal doubles the amount of beef and is even more satisfying. The price is 1,280 yen.

Yayoiken "Sukiyaki set meal"
Sukiyaki set meal

Yayoiken "Special Sukiyaki Set Meal"
Special sukiyaki set meal

The Jjigae set meal is a hot pot with the spiciness of chili peppers and gochujang and the secret flavor of fish sauce. You can enjoy a mellow taste by entwining the soft-boiled egg with the ingredients. The garnish is chewy and chewy. The price is 890 yen.

Yayoiken "Jjigae set meal"
Jjigae set meal

The ginger hot pot set meal is a hot pot made by stewing pork and vegetables in a soup using domestically produced ginger, and adding crispy water vegetables and grated ginger. Served with crispy Aji fry. The price is 890 yen.

Yayoiken "Ginger hot pot set meal"
Ginger hot pot set meal

Warm up from your stomach with your favorite pot!