Mottich "Tarako Ajiyakisoba Mottich Dashi Salt Tailoring"
The cod roe taste you care about!

From the cup yakisoba "Mottich" series, a new product "Tarako Aji Yakisoba Mottich Dashi Salt Tailoring" will be released on November 19th. The estimated price is 180 yen (excluding tax).

This is a cup-yakisoba that is characterized by the gentle taste of bare feet and the flavor of tarako. By adding sprinkle with bonito granules to a sauce with a bonito-based Mottich flavor, it is said that the flavor of bonito is spread and the taste is appetizing.

The noodles are "vacuum tailored noodles" with a chewy texture. The sauce is "Tarako-miyakisoba sauce", which is a Japanese-flavored base with bonito and a well-balanced cod roe flavor.