New flavor "Chocolat Orange" from McCafé "Macaron"
It's not a hamburger, it's a new macaron!

A new flavor of "Macaron" "Chocolat Orange" will be released on October 16th at McDonald's cafe store.

The Macaron series of McCafé has been added to the regular menu since April 2018. You can enjoy the authentic taste imported from France at a reasonable price of 150 yen (tax included) per piece.

New flavor "Chocolat Orange" from McCafé "Macaron"
New lineup of macaroons

The "Macaron Chocolat Orange" that will be released this time is an orange-flavored macaron with chocolate cream sandwiched between crispy macaron dough with almond scent. A refreshing orange scent spreads when you eat a bite.

In addition, to commemorate the regular menu sale of Chocolat Orange, the "Great Value Macaron Set", which is a set of 2 favorite flavors from 4 types of macaroons and M size cafe latte (hot / ice), will be released at the same time. The price is 500 yen (tax included) and is limited to November 30th.

McCafé "Great Value Macaron Set"