Burger King's "Onion Ring & Cheese WHOPPER"
Crispy onion rings with patties

A limited-time menu "Onion Ring & Cheese WHOPPER" has appeared in Burger King. It will be on sale until November 1st.

A volume-oriented dish that combines 100% beef patty grilled on an open fire with cheddar cheese, fresh lettuce, and tomatoes. And the biggest feature of the onion ring is that the sweet "sweet punishment" is finished with a crispy and rich garment.

The whole thing is a special BBQ sauce, accented with the smoky scent of hickory, fruity and rich sweetness with chutney, date juice and honey, and spices such as cinnamon and nutmeg.

Burger King's "Onion Ring & Cheese WHOPPER Jr."
There is also a ".Jr" size

The price is 640 yen (tax included, same below), and 990 yen for a set of French fries and drinks with M size. You can also order the small size "Onion Ring & Cheese WHOPPER Jr." for 490 yen individually or 840 yen as a set. Burger King's official website also distributes related coupon information.