Nana's Green Tea "Pumpkin Tart"
It's solid

I ate "pumpkin tart" with Nana's Green Tea. Seasonal menu until October 25th. Elegantness that does not overstate while giving out the flavor of pumpkin. But it has a rich taste.

Nana's Green Tea is a cafe that operates mainly in commercial facilities from Hokkaido in the north to Kyushu in the south. All the seasonal menus are delicious, but the short period of time makes fans cry. This time I tasted it early.

Pumpkin tart is 702 yen (tax included). A hearty autumn sweet. Even if you skip lunch and try it, you will be very hungry. The pumpkin flavored cream has a sticky texture, and the tart base has a thick, biscuit-like texture.

Nana's Green Tea "Pumpkin Tart"
The pumpkin cut between the cream and the table

There is a cut pumpkin between the cream and the table as a color. The gentle scent of the pumpkin that spreads with each bite is pleasant, but the impression is not so intense but rather subdued.

Nana's Green Tea Ice Cream
Ice cream is caramelized

I felt the elegance of the sweets, rather than pushing out the individuality of the pumpkin. However, it is a size that is firmly sweet and has a large amount, and the ice cream with caramel sauce attached is also unbelievable. If you eat it alternately with the tart, the sugar will permeate the whole body and you will feel euphoric and conscious for a while.

As a whole, it has a strong character as a Western confectionery, so if you order a drink set together, I recommend blended coffee, which is less sweet than matcha latte. Hot may be better, depending on the temperature.