Morinaga & Co. "Marie Biscuit Sand Ice"

I found "Marie Biscuit Sand Ice" sold by Morinaga & Co. at a supermarket. Six pieces are included in one box, and the purchase price is 298 yen (excluding tax).

Morinaga & Co. "Marie Biscuit Sand Ice"
Marie Biscuit Sand Ice

This is a sandwich of vanilla ice cream with Marie biscuits. It is a slightly luxurious ice cream that you can enjoy the combination of moist biscuits that crumble when you bite and vanilla ice cream that is smooth and rich. It goes well with tea and coffee!

Morinaga & Co. "Marie Biscuit Sand Ice"
Individual packaging type

Morinaga & Co. "Marie Biscuit Sand Ice"
Relaxed and moist

In addition, Morinaga & Co.'s official website "Angel's Sweets Recipe" also contains arrangement recipes "Marie Biscuit Sand Ice Tempura" and "Marie Biscuit Sand Ice Affogato" using "Marie Biscuit Sand Ice". .. If you have time, maybe you can add a little extra work?

Morinaga & Co. "Angel's Sweets Recipe"
(The image is quoted from the official website)

"Marie Biscuit Sand Ice" is irresistible for Marie Biscuit fans. How about a tea time together ♪

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