Lawson "Toroch ~ -Torotto Cheese-"
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Introducing new arrival sweets and bread to be released on November 26th at each Lawson store. Here are 7 items in the lineup of interest. * Handling status varies depending on the region and store.

・ Toroch ~ -Torotto cheese- 240 yen (tax included, same below)
A cheesecake wrapped in a cream containing mozzarella cheese, which is uniquely formulated. The cream has a cold but thick mouthfeel.

Lawson "Toroch ~ -Torotto Cheese-"

・ Torote-La-Torotto Castella-230 yen
The surroundings are fluffy, and the central part is moist and crisp. A thick egg yolk sauce is trapped inside.

Lawson "Torote-La -Torotto Castella-"

・ Strawberry shortcake & mille crêpes 395 yen
The shortcake is topped with strawberry by combining sponge, cream that melts in the mouth, and strawberry jam. Mille crêpes is a flavorful crepe dough layered with custard-filled mixed cream.

Lawson "Strawberry Shortcake & Mille Crepes"

・ UC Duck Words Sand Strawberry Milk Tea 55ml (1.86us fl oz) 258 yen
Sand tea ice cream and sweet and sour strawberry sauce at Duck Words. Even in the frozen state, you can enjoy the "crispy" and "fluffy" texture that is characteristic of Dacquoise.

Lawson "UC Duck Words Sand Strawberry Milk Tea 55ml"

・ Butter melon bread bean paste whipped sandwich 150 yen
Sandwiched with whipped cream containing red bean paste and Hokkaido cream on melon bread that spreads the scent of butter. By adding butter and cream cheese to the biscuit dough, you can enjoy the richness and umami.

Lawson "Butter Melon Bread An Whip Sandwich"

・ Bone-like bread 140 yen
Bone-like bread made by wrapping the meat filling in a chewy white dough.

Lawson "Bone-like pan"

・ Bread like meat cucumber 180 yen
Bread made by wrapping meat buns in dough and finishing it into a cute meat ball-like shape.

Lawson "Pan like meat cucumber"