Kappa Sushi "Eat Ho MAX !!" Expands Target Stores
Kappa Sushi "Eat Ho MAX !!" is also available in Tokyo and Saitama!

The target stores for "Eat Ho MAX !!", which was held at some Kappa Sushi stores, will be expanded. In addition to some stores in Kanagawa prefecture so far, it will start sequentially from October 3 at stores in Tokyo and Saitama (excluding Across Plaza Wakabadai store, Nerima store, Nerima Nukii store, Warabi store).

Eat Ho MAX !! is a weekday-only all-you-can-eat plan that is held in two parts, lunch time from 11:00 to 14:00 and dinner time from 17:00 to 20:00. There are 3 courses, "Regular", "Special" and "Premium".

Kappa Sushi "Eat Ho MAX !!" Expands Target Stores
Partial all-you-can-eat menu

The regular course has a lineup of 69 types, centered on the standard popular menu. The price is 1,580 yen for men and 1,480 yen for women. The special course is an all-you-can-eat of all 104 types, which is a regular course with consistent ingredients added, and the price is 1,980 yen for men and 1,880 yen for women. In the premium course, you can order your favorite sushi from all 113 types of sushi and side menus, and the price is 2,480 yen for men and 2,380 yen for women.

All-you-can-eat is a reservation system for all stores. You can make a reservation by selecting the date, time zone, course, etc. from the official Kappa Sushi smartphone app.