Halloween limited petit gateau of silver grapes etc.
Sweets that make the Halloween party cute!

Halloween limited petit gateaux "Halloween Pumpkin" and "Black Cat Chocolat" will be released on October 1st at each store in the Gin no Gudo metropolitan area. The price is 630 yen each (excluding tax). The sale period is until October 31st.

Halloween Pumpkin is a melting Halloween pumpkin cake. Moist baked almond tart topped with caramel sauce and whipped cream wrapped in pumpkin cream. The secret ingredient is custard with a slight rum scent.

Silver grape "Halloween pumpkin"
Full of Halloween feeling

Black cat chocolate is a cute chocolate cake in the shape of a black cat. A chocolate crunch with a pleasant crunchy texture is combined with chocolate mousse wrapped in glasage chocolate, chocolate sponge, and melted chocolate sauce.

Silver grape "black cat chocolate"

Also, from October 12th, a party-sized Halloween cake "Pumpkin Mont Blanc Chiffon!" Will be on sale. Halloween limited chocolate chiffon with golden pumpkin custard cream played by cute ghosts. Inside is fluffy whipped cream. The diameter is 12 cm and the price is 1,000 yen.

Silver Buou "Pumpkin Montblanc Chiffon!"
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