Starbucks "Teavana Frozen Tea Herbal Lemonade" "Mango Passion Tea Frappuccino" "Cafe Mocha"

"Valencia syrup" that appears in Starbucks only during the summer. The syrup, which is characterized by its refreshing citrus flavor, goes well with a variety of beverages. Here are three recommended customs.

Frozen tea

Teavana's new work "Teavana Frozen Tea Herbal Lemonade" is inspired by lemonade. Frozen with lemon peel syrup and non-caffeine herbal tea "ice chamomile tea" are combined.

Add citrus pulp and Valencia syrup to the herbal lemonade. The price is 520 yen for tall size + 100 yen for citrus pulp + 50 yen for syrup, for a total of 670 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below).

Starbucks "Teavana Frozen Tea Herbal Lemonade"
It looks cool

A refreshing flavor that spreads softly the moment you put it in your mouth. It is filled with the fresh sweetness and slight bitterness of citrus, mainly lemon. A gorgeous finish with the scent of chamomile.

Citrus flesh is a good accent in the crispy frozen. By combining with the lemon peel that is originally included, the flesh feel is further improved. A puny grainy texture remains on the tongue.

Starbucks "Teavana Frozen Tea Herbal Lemonade"
Do you understand the crushing of the flesh?


Valencia syrup is added to "Mango Passion Tea Frappuccino" which is a blend of hibiscus tea and ice with mango and passion fruit. The price is 410 yen + 50 yen for the short size, for a total of 460 yen.

Starbucks "Mango Passion Tea Frappuccino"
Bright vitamin color

Sweet and sour and very fruity! The sourness of each is united and pops in the mouth. A tropical cup to drink on a summer afternoon when the sun is shining.

Cafe mocha

Valencia syrup is added to "Cafe Mocha", which is espresso with chocolate syrup and milk. The price is 400 yen for short size + 50 yen for a total of 450 yen. If it's hot, whipped cream will be topped, but this time I ordered ice cream.

Starbucks "Cafe Mocha"
Custom classic Beverage

Rich chocolate that follows the fragrant espresso. A perfect balance of sharp bitterness and mellow sweetness. Finally, the scent of citrus goes through your nose. Sweet and slightly bitter taste. People who like orange peel with chocolate should be addicted to it.

In addition to the three introduced, it is also recommended to combine it with "Drip Coffee" and "Starbucks Refreshers Beverage Cool Lime". Have fun with your favorite custom!