Mos Burger "Nantacos"
Happy resurrection!

"Nantacos" and "Nan Curry Dog" will be resold for a limited time from July 12th at each Mos Burger store (excluding some stores).

The "Nan" series was introduced in 1996 and is a popular product sold only in the summer. In response to requests from many fans, the more delicious Nan series will be revived for the first time in four years since 2014, while maintaining the same commitment at the time of its release.

Nantacos is a Moss original product that combines the Mexican soul food "tacos" with naan. Naan is mixed with minced beef, lettuce, tomato and rich cheddar sauce, and topped with tortillas.

For tacos meat, the spice composition is adjusted so that it has a rich yet refreshing aftertaste. It seems that tacos meat with spicy taste, crispy vegetables, and crispy tortillas are a perfect match. The price is 430 yen (tax included, same below).

Nan curry dog is a product of sausage on top of naan, sprinkled with rich curry sauce, and topped with onion slices. Natural sheep intestines are used for sausages, and the outside is crispy and the inside is full of gravy.

Mos Burger "Nan Curry Dog"

The curry sauce is made by adding concentrated apple juice and mango chutney to the onions that have been carefully fried with minced meat to add sweetness and depth. The spicy spiciness and aroma that spreads the moment you eat it is an appetizing dish, perfect for summer. The price is 420 yen.

"Spicy Nan Curry Dog" with jalapeno (green pepper) added will also be on sale. The price is 450 yen.

Mos Burger "Spicy Nan Curry Dog"
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