Mos Burger "Double Cream Cheese Teriyaki"
New menu "Double Cream Cheese Teriyaki"

At each Mos Burger store, the popular seasonal menu "Cream Cheese Teriyaki" and the new menu "Double Cream Cheese Teriyaki" with doubled cream cheese will be released on March 19 (excluding some stores).

Cream cheese teriyaki has been on sale for spring only since 2016, and is a popular product that sells more than 2 million meals every year. Arranged "Teriyaki Burger" and combined with special cream cheese.

The juicy patty is entwined with the original teriyaki sauce using soy sauce and miso (red miso, white miso), and sandwiched with crispy lettuce and cream cheese in a bun. For cream cheese, we use natural cheese mixed with Australian and domestic products. By adding the richness of Camembert powder to the acidity of cream cheese, it is finished in a gentle taste. You can enjoy a different taste from "Teriyaki Burger", which matches the sweet soy sauce flavor of teriyaki sauce with the acidity and richness of cream cheese.

In addition, the new "Double Cream Cheese Teriyaki" is double the cream cheese of Cream Cheese Teriyaki. Cream cheese is sandwiched between the top and bottom of the buns, and the deliciousness of cream cheese spreads from the first bite. As you continue to eat, the sourness of the cheese and the sweet teriyaki sauce are exquisitely intertwined.

In addition to hamburgers, "Mixing Shake Cheese Cream," which is based on the image of the popular "cheese tea," will be released at the same time. A drink finished with a vanilla shake topped with cheese cream. You can enjoy the taste of rich cheese mixed with a mellow sweet shake.

Mos Burger "Mixing Shake Cheese Cream"
Mix shake cheese cream

As for hamburgers, "Soy Cream Cheese Teriyaki" that uses soy patties instead of patties, and "Cream Cheese Double Teriyaki" that has two patties are also on sale. The product list and prices are as follows. Both are for a limited time until the end of May.

Cream cheese teriyaki 371 yen (excluding tax, same below)
Cream cheese double teriyaki 482 yen Soy cream cheese teriyaki 371 yen times cream cheese teriyaki 417 yen times cream cheese double teriyaki 528 yen soy times cream cheese teriyaki 417 yen Mix shake cheese cream S size 269 yen, M size 334 yen