Lawson x Godiva's "Etoile de Kobe"
Highest price among Lawson x Godiva products

At each Lawson store, the first "Uchi Cafe x GODIVA Etoworld Chocolat", which was jointly developed with Godiva, will be on sale for 3 days from July 5th to 7th. The price is 1,080 yen (tax included).

Year-old sweets are sweets that express the four seasons of Japan. As the first step, a set of chocolate sweets for Tanabata will appear. Two original strips are included in a special case.

Eto World Chocolat is a chocolate sweet that incorporates a Japanese taste under the theme of the Japanese summer tradition "Tanabata". Two flavors are included, a fragrant matcha white chocolate agar and a sweet and sour raspberry agar.

Layered with smooth chocolate agar, moist biscuits, matcha or raspberry agar. You can feel the fragrant cacao firmly in the cold and refreshing mouthfeel of agar. The top surface is topped with gold powder that resembles the Milky Way.

Lawson x Godiva's "Etoile de Kobe"

The products will arrive at the store from the evening of July 5th. It will be on sale until July 8th at some stores.