7-ELEVEN "Chocolate Chip Mintha Bar with Raw Chocolate"

Ice cream "chocolate chip mint bar with raw chocolate" is on sale at each 7-ELEVEN store (excluding some stores). The price is 181 yen (tax included).

This is chocolate chip mint ice cream that combines mint and raw chocolate. Three types of mint are used for mint ice: peppermint, spearmint, and mint.

7-ELEVEN "Chocolate Chip Mint Bar with Raw Chocolate"
1 bottle 275kcal

When you put your teeth on it, the chocolate coating peels off and the sweet scent is fluffy. Touch the crispy ice cream with a baton, and the refreshing taste spreads. Even if swallowed, the throat is refreshing.

7-ELEVEN "Chocolate Chip Mint Bar with Raw Chocolate"
The whole is coated with chocolate

The center contains raw chocolate, which is a blend of multiple cacao beans. The smooth, mellow sweetness is entwined with the tongue. The other thing I feel in my mouth is the slight acidity of cacao. The taste becomes more and more rich in the flow of chocolate → mint → chocolate.

7-ELEVEN "Chocolate Chip Mint Bar with Raw Chocolate"
More sticky over time

Chocolate mint ice cream "for chocolate lovers". I was able to reconfirm the compatibility between the fragrant cacao and the refreshing mint.