Mameya Manhisa Kanazawa "Mameya's Panda Baum"

Sweets that can be easily bought at supermarkets and convenience stores are good, but famous sweets that are loved in each region are also attractive. We have put together cute sweets that are perfect as souvenirs.

・ Shingen peach

"Shingen peach" sold by Kikyouya, who is familiar with Yamanashi's famous confectionery "Kikyou Shingen Mochi". A cardboard-style package that is about to be shipped contains baked goods that resemble Yamanashi's specialty peaches. The price of 6 pieces is 600 yen (excluding tax).

Kikyouya "Shingen Peach"
It looks like it contains real peaches

Kikyouya "Shingen Peach"
* Sweets

There is a lot of white bean paste in the thin flour dough. The elegant sweetness is softly layered with the scent of peach. Accented with peach jelly in the bean paste.

Kikyouya "Shingen Peach"
Yellow grains are peach jelly

・ Tokyo Famous Confectionery Ponpoko Oyaji

"Tokyo Famous Confectionery Ponpoko Oyaji " sold by Tokyo Ponpoko Honpo. A lovely steamed bun with a gentle expression and a puffy form. The price of 8 pieces is 810 yen (tax included).

Tokyo Ponpoko Honpo "Tokyo Famous Confectionery Ponpoko Oyaji"
You can buy it at Tokyo Station, Haneda, Narita Airport, etc.

A combination of castella skin and yolk bean paste. The bean paste loosens and spreads a mellow sweetness. Somehow nostalgic taste that makes you want to combine it with warm Japanese tea.

Tokyo Ponpoko Honpo "Tokyo Famous Confectionery Ponpoko Oyaji"
The skin is also moist

・ Loach steamed bun

The Sanin confectionery " Dojo Scooping Manju " is a steamed bun with the image of "Hyottoko" used in the Dojo scooping dance. It is covered with a polka-dotted towel-style wrapping paper, and when you take it off, a bald head appears.

Sanin confectionery "Loach steamed bun"
Long-selling product released in 1967

Contrary to its humorous appearance, the taste is orthodox. The fluffy dough contains white bean paste with an elegant sweetness that melts in your mouth. In addition to the standard white bean paste, there are also flavors such as chocolate and strawberries.

Sanin confectionery "Loach steamed bun"

・ Dinosaur kid

"Dinosaur kid " sold at the Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum. It is handmade one by one with homemade bean paste using major Hokkaido beans (Oteboumame = a type of kidney beans). Round eyes, short arms, and curled legs are irresistible. The price of 6 pieces is 1,210 yen (tax included).

Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum "Dinosaur Girl"
The back is bumpy and has a small tail

Not only is it cute, but the taste is also excellent. When you stretch it, the white bean paste melts smoothly, and the mild sweetness wraps around your tongue. It's delicious enough to make you want to eat many in a row!

Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum "Dinosaur Girl"
Full of bean paste

・ Mameya's Panda Baum

Mameya Kanazawa Manhisa "Mameya's Panda Baum " that I got at the Gransta store in Tokyo Station. It is like a die-cut, and the panda in the center can be pulled out quickly. The price is 540 yen (tax included).

Mameya Manhisa Kanazawa "Mameya's Panda Baum"
A playful dish

The moist baum has a slight kinako flavor. The white part where the panda is drawn is fondant, and you can enjoy the crispy texture and sweetness of sugar. Baum itself has a modest sweetness, so the taste is well-balanced.

Mameya Manhisa Kanazawa "Mameya's Panda Baum"
It pops out

・ Two ○ rice crackers

Fukuoka confection, of showers advance guard Honpo Shinonomedo " Ni ○ pressurized crackers and", "Doraemon" was collaboration " I'm Doraemon Ni ○ pressure cracker ". Doraemon is designed to be large on both the package and the rice cracker. The price is 648 yen (tax included) for 3 pieces x 4 boxes.

Niwaka Senpei Honpo Toundo's "I'm Doraemon Ni * kasenmochi"
Cuteness that fans will love

It has a crispy texture like a hard-baked cookie rather than a rice cracker. You can enjoy the rich flavor of wheat. Even if you are not a Fukuoka citizen, you should be relieved to have a nostalgic taste.

Niwaka Senpei Honpo Toundo's "I'm Doraemon Ni * kasenmochi"
By all means as a souvenir

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