Lawson Limited "Snoopy Serial Bowl & White Peach Jelly 400g"
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"Snoopy Serial Bowl & White Peach Jelly 400g (14.11oz)" will be on sale from June 19th (excluding some stores) exclusively for Lawson. The price is 498 yen (tax included, same below).

This is a product in which white peach jelly is contained in a pottery bowl designed with the character of "Snoopy". There are two types of bowl designs.

In addition, Lawson limited products "Snoopy Vinyl Umbrella 59cm" (900 yen) and "Snoopy Fashion Bag" (460 yen) are also on sale. Both are cute designs with Snoopy drawn. Limited quantity.

Lawson Limited "Snoopy Vinyl Umbrella 59cm"
Snoopy vinyl umbrella 59cm (image)

Lawson limited "Snoopy fashion bag"
Snoopy fashion bag (image)