McFleury Gudetama

Nakameguro Saeko (hereinafter Saeko) : McDonald's has released "McFleury Gudetama" in collaboration with the Sanrio character "Gudetama". Tax-included price is 290 yen

Konzaki : It seems to be the "secret taste" that combines "a certain ingredient" and two kinds of sauces in soft serve ice cream. I don't care what it tastes like when it comes to secrets

Saeko : Let's predict what it tastes like when you actually eat it!

Gudetama cup is cute

Konzaki : Isn't this original cup too cute before you eat it?

McFleury Gudetama

Saeko : There are 6 types of designs. Loose feeling is the best

McFleury Gudetama

Konzaki : I was enthusiastic about "I'll give it a taste!", But my shoulders were weak.

It's time to eat

Saeko : Don't let the sweet caramel scent drift

Konzaki : I think one of the sauces is caramel. After the milky richness of the soft serve ice cream, the fragrant flavor spreads softly.

Saeko : When I eat a place with plenty of sauce, I also feel a slight bitterness in the aftertaste. But the other sauce is sweet, so it's a good balance

McFleury Gudetama

Konzaki : There is a mellow richness of the egg. Is it custard sauce?

Saeko : The color is also dark yellow. When the two sauces are combined, it looks like pudding!

Konzaki : Milky Pucci ● It feels like pudding. It has a nostalgic taste

McFleury Gudetama

Saeko : "A certain ingredient" is sponge dough, isn't it? It feels like castella, but ...

Konzaki : No, isn't it a normal sponge? The sauce and soft serve ice cream are soaked in it, and when you eat it, it unravels.

McFleury Gudetama

Saeko : It's a good accent without compromising the overall sense of unity. The eating quality is also up

Konzaki : When you finish eating, you will feel satisfied.

What taste is it after all?

Saeko : If you imagine it from its deep richness and sweet and fragrant flavor, it's probably "pudding flavor". But it seems that the official YouTube says it's not pudding (laughs)

Konzaki : Then, is it "creme brulee taste"? In terms of taste, pudding works best, but ...

Saeko : Many people expect it to be "pudding flavor" on Twitter. Opinions such as "pancake taste" and "French toast taste"

Konzaki : Everyone is different. I want to know the answer soon!

Saeko : The taste of "McFleury Gudetama" will be announced on June 13th. I'm thrilled if my expectations are correct

Konzaki : Even if you don't expect it, please continue to eat it.

McFleury Gudetama