McFleury Gudetama
Did you expect it?

"McFleury Gudetama " sold at McDonald's for a limited time. The "secret taste" of soft serve ice cream combined with "a certain ingredient" and two types of sauce has finally been revealed.

The flavor is McFleury's first "custard cake flavor". Soft serve ice cream is topped with two types of sauces, sponge cake using eggs, custard and caramel, and mixed at high speed. The fluffy and moist sponge cake goes well with the thick soft serve ice cream with a thick and sweet sauce.

McFleury Gudetama
There is a sponge cake in it

The En-eating editorial department expected it to be "pudding flavor" or "creme brulee flavor" using custard and caramel sauce, but it was a custard cake ... Please enjoy the deep richness and sweet and fragrant flavor!