Subway's new work "Chili Chicken Cheese Melt"
Spicy x melting cheese!

At each Subway store (excluding some stores), a new sandwich menu "Chili Chicken Cheese Melt" will be on sale from November 1st to December 5th. The price is 490 yen (tax included).

This product is a chicken sandwich entwined with stimulating spicy "spicy chili sauce" with chili and habanero. The chicken is cut into a small size that is easy to eat, and it is said that it is particular about its moist and juicy texture and simple seasoning.

Combined with Dutch Gouda cheese, the cheese melts when toasted. It goes well with crispy vegetables. 312 kcal per meal.

Subway's new work "Chili Chicken Cheese Melt"
Dark, suddenly spicy.