Subway "Chocolat & Raspberry"
The second in the world's first "sweet sandwich"!

At each Subway store, the sweet snack sandwich "Chocolat & Raspberry" will be released on March 18 (excluding some stores). Sales time is after 14:00. Limited time until May 12th.

The second snack sandwich product, following the popular "Anko & Mascarpone" released in October 2019 as the first sweet sandwich. "Chocolat & Raspberry" is a product in which chocolate cream and bright red and small raspberries are sandwiched with bread.

Subway "Chocolat & Raspberry"

Chocolat cream uses chocolate made from carefully selected Ecuadorian cacao beans and is tailored to a rich and smooth texture. Raspberries are added to this, creating a perfect balance of sweetness and acidity. Of course, like other sandwiches, the style is made after receiving an order. A snack sandwich perfect for coffee time.

The single item price is 170 yen, and the drink (S) set is 320 yen (tax not included). The size is half of the regular size.